This week will only be a memory soon

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 20, 2021

Call it Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon or simply the Winter of Our Discontent, the storm that rolled in overnight a week ago today packed a wallop.

For many in the Miss Lou, the pain and hardship are far from over.

At this writing, about 6,000 homes and businesses in Adams County are still without electric power and may not get service restored until sometime later this week.

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The City of Natchez is slowly restoring water service after much of the city was without water service for at least a day because of unprecedented demand.

The water that is flowing now through city pipes is under a boil water notice. Boil city water before it is consumed until we hear otherwise from city officials. Natchez water must test clear before it can be consumed again.

Businesses were forced to shut down to make certain employees and customers did not have to get on dangerous roads.

And in the first time we can remember, The Democrat did not publish printed newspapers on Wednesday and Friday, although we published stories and photos on

Nonetheless, our community has persisted. Stories abound about neighbors helping neighbors, and strangers helping strangers. In fact, one man waiting in a long line for gasoline on Thursday, said people seemed kinder than they have seemed in a while.

And, when the snow began to melt on Friday and people felt they could safely move about, what a sight to behold! The ice clinging to trees caused a prism effect and our city and county looked as if it were draped in jewels.

Even in the aftermath of a winter storm, Natchez is beautiful. Let’s keep in mind the week we have endured will soon be just a memory with new stories to tell our children and grandchildren.

The official beginning of spring is only a month away now and before long, we will be complaining about the heat.

That’s fine with us.