‘Thank you’ barely covers it

Published 8:52 pm Friday, February 26, 2021

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I think I speak for the majority of the south when I say we are tired of living through historical events.

When did unprecedented times become regular occurrences?

Yes. Snow is beautiful and fun for a day or two, but the ice and cold that we experienced this past week was something that we southerners just are never prepared for.

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So, I think it is fitting to thank those in the often thankless jobs that pulled us through and made our lives normal again.

Thank you, linemen and all power companies, for bringing lights and heat back to our homes and businesses as quickly as possible.

Thank you, water company employees, for giving us just enough pressure for those showers we so badly needed mid week.

Thank you, city and county employees, for cleaning branches where needed and scraping ice from the roadways.

Thank you, Mayor Craft and Mayor Gibson, for keeping us informed every step of the way through this week of mayhem.

Thank you, aldermen, women, and supervisors, for doing what you could to help out.

Thank you to anyone who kept working during last week when it would have been easier to stay at home.

Thank you, restaurants of the area, for opening your doors as soon as you could to hungry mouths and those in need of coffee. I didn’t know how good food could taste until I finally left my house on Saturday.

Thank you, tree trimmers and friends, for coming to the rescue for so many.

Tommy and Chuck Smith, Chris Trippe, and Scott Wesberry, I know my sister has said it a couple of times, but thank you for all you have done for her over the week. It takes a village.

Thank you, neighbors, for providing entertainment during the first few days while we watched your kids play in the snow and for lending a helping hand afterwards when we may have needed it most.

And on a personal note, thank you, Mom and Dad, for jumping in the car to skate your way to my front door on a moment’s notice. Thank you for taking me to work to check on the property and the many cats of Monmouth.

Thank you for bringing warm homemade chili when I needed something to eat.

Thank you for dropping everything when I found a busted water line.

Thank you for sitting through endless loads of laundry (and the many more to come until my washing machine is back to normal). Thank you for everything.

Jennie Guido is a community columnist for The Natchez Democrat. You may reach her at guido.jennie@gmail.com.