Use common sense, wear mask

Published 6:50 pm Thursday, March 4, 2021

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President Joe Biden came down pretty hard on Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves recently when Reeves lifted the state’s mask mandate.

Some, like Biden, think Reeves’ ending the mandate was backward thinking. They say too many variants of the COVID virus have surfaced and too few people have received the vaccine to let down safeguards.

Reeves was quick to note the removal of the state mandate does not remove local restrictions, like those in place in Natchez and Adams County. Those here must continue to wear a mask until at least March 31 because of the local mandate to do so.

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Others think it’s way past time to “open up” our businesses and economy.

More than ever before, it’s time we return to common sense. Here are some truths of the matter. For all practical purposes, Natchez is “open.” Restaurants are open, stores are open, hotels are open. The only requirement for doing business in any of these is to simply wear a mask.

Why are the number of flu cases down? Not because of some COVID conspiracy. They are down because the majority of us are wearing masks, not shaking hands, thus not spreading germs like we did before COVID.

We can see the end of the COVID pandemic is near. Let’s use common sense and continue to be vigilant until we each have been vaccinated.

Reeves did not recommend that people behave as if COVID never happened. He said to continue to follow the science, which means continuing to wear a mask. Reeves simply lifted the mandate requiring that.

We need to be less reactionary, less selfish and stop being so completely critical of everything.

Use some common sense. And shop locally. The only thing that’s stopping anyone from doing that now is wearing a mask.