Dart: Three generations run Canal Street Gallery

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, March 13, 2021

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Sherry Hanson runs the Canal Street Gallery with her mom Stella Sharp and her daughter Sarah Hanson at 657 South Canal Street close to where the dart landed Friday.

Sherry Hanson said her mom is the owner, and her daughter Sarah does the online and social media marketing.

For the last 45 years the antique and gift shop has moved from location to location, Hanson said, originally it was on Franklin Street. The shop features a collection of jewelry, art, silverware, vintage clothing and fine china.

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“We all contribute ideas. We are always trying to help each other,” Hanson said. “Sometimes we think we can do it better than each other. It is wonderful to get to share it with each other.”

The gift shop was once a restaurant and still has a bar today. It was also the house of a drayman in 1852, Hanson said. A drayman was the FedEx delivery driver of the day.

She said the gift shop is typically only open by appointment or during tourist season, which gives her time to focus on her massage therapy business. The gift shop sells items through Etsy as well.

Hanson said each person has a specialty. Hanson does the books and jewelry, her daughter does the vintage clothing, and her mom does all of the collectibles.

Hanson said she first moved to Natchez when she was three years old from Jackson. In college, she went off to Dallas, Texas to study Medical Anthropology at Southern Methodist University before coming back to Natchez.

Hanson said her mom, daughter and she has different outside interests when they are not working at the gift shop. Her mom is semi-retired, she said, and her daughter works with costumes in the film industry.

“I’m a big advocate of natural healing,” Hanson said. “Stress management is a true important part of our lives. I’m helping people to relax and be better. It is a niche I have found for myself.”