Column: Sports are full of opportunity

Published 9:00 am Saturday, March 20, 2021

Watching Drew Brees throw perfect spirals to his kids in the end zone after losing to Tampa Bay in the playoffs I knew his career as a Saint was more than likely done.

Over his career, Brees has given his time, energy and resources to the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. His non-profit work includes the dream foundation whose Mission is to “improve the quality of life for cancer patients, and provide care, education and opportunities for children and families in need.” according to the foundation’s website.

In his retirement announcement, his kids yelled the big news as their dad was finally going to be able to spend more time with them. In the same post he announces he will stay in New Orleans because he has more work to do, he said.

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I’m sure he will continue to work with charities now he is retired, but as a father he will be able to spend more time with his kids. They are reaching the age where he will want to be in the stands for them, he will want to be there with them every second he can to grow closer to them.

Something fascinating about sports and the outdoors is how parents and older generations pass on their knowledge to the next generation. It is why I cannot help but smile when I see a father play catch with his son, or a mom kick a ball back to her daughter. Anytime an adult takes the time out of their day to show the ropes to the young and inexperienced is a great thing.

This last weekend parents stood and watched as the next generation of outdoorsman and shooters blasted clay pigeons out of the sky in Adams County. I tried to soak it all in, observing the interaction between mentors and mentees it is encouraging to see because knowledge was being shared and passed on.

It would be selfish of anyone to ask Drew Brees for another year away from his kids. After all, maybe one of them will grow up to be like their dad, a prolific quarterback but an even better person.

For Drew Brees, athletics have provided him an opportunity to give more than himself. For others sports allow for the passing on of wisdom and life lessons. Others use sports as a ministry opportunity, which is great. We all have a day when our sports careers are over, but fortunately, we still have the opportunity to give back.

Speaking of opportunity, The Natchez Democrat is seeking individuals who can take photographs and write stories to help with sports coverage in the Miss-Lou region.

If you have a passion for sports and enjoy writing and photography this is a great chance to serve the community by highlighting the athletes who compete here.

If you are interested ,please contact the sports department at