Woman ‘backs the blue, as we all should’ after recent rescue by Natchez Police

Published 5:24 pm Thursday, March 25, 2021

To the editor:

Kudos, great appreciation and always my support to our Natchez City Police Department.

I had a dilemma while shopping recently.

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I was placing my purchases in the trunk of my car and mistakenly dropped my car keys in with my bags and closed the trunk.

My car was locked with my phone, glucometer, and glucose tablets inside.

Fortunately, I had left my driver’s window down a bit.

I did have my wallet and knew my sugar was dropping quickly so I went back into the store and purchased a box of vanilla wafers.

The Dollar Tree Store was kind enough to let me use their telephone to search for a locksmith but I found none available.

I called our City Police Department to ask if they could locate one.

I haven’t the name of the man that I spoke with, nor the two officers that immediately came to my rescue.

They were so compassionate and realized that I was having a severe panic and anxiety attack and assured me that all would be taken care of.

In a matter of probably three minutes, they had my car unlocked and me one very grateful citizen for their quick response and kindness.

I support my local law enforcement and back the blue as we all should.

To these unnamed officers, God keep you safe and my sincere appreciation for helping rescue me.

Janis Wisner is a resident of Roxie.