Top of the Morning: Reject toxic attitude about race problems

Published 6:31 pm Thursday, April 1, 2021

This letter is in response to the opinion piece dated March 26 of this year entitled, “America’s Hate Problem Not a Coincidence,” submitted by Ray Mosby of the Deer Creek Pilot.

Mr. Mosby began his manifesto by stating his opinion that America has a hate problem, and it is white people. Mr. Mosby was kind enough to supply us with four well-known cases in which a white shooter murdered people of color.

In all but one case, the murderers confessed their racist motives. I am not sure where “Coincidence?” comes into play there. They admitted what they did and why they did it. Racism.

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Regarding the fourth case, the killer stated emphatically he had no racial motivations. That did not stop Mr. Mosby from ascribing a motive of his own, though, despite no supporting evidence. Yes, coincidence.

What struck me most about Mr. Mosby’s article was just how similar it was in tone and subject matter to the confession of Dylan Roof, who murdered eight Black people while they worshipped in peace. I have read transcripts of manifestos and confessions from all the cases Mr. Mosby listed. They all fit the same template as Mr. Mosby’s manifesto presented as an opinion piece. Google them and compare.

Their confessions/manifestos stemmed from existing and original conspiracy theories about some other racial group who they perceived to be the bad guys in some civilizational war that does not actually exist.

Like Mr. Mosby, they thought they were the good guys. They were racists and anti-Semites who listened to the Mr. Mosbys of their world. Those who told them that the other race was bad.

“Look at those crimes by black people.” “Look how Jews control the world.” “Look at those Hispanics invading our border.” “They are out to get you.”

Again, does this sound familiar? “Look at those hateful white people”.

Mr. Mosby also included a questionable statistic. His piece stated that 75% of terrorist attacks are by white supremacists. That came from a very political and slanted House report. The start date of that report on domestic terror attacks is September 12, 2001. I wonder why they chose that date and not the day before? They also only included incidents in which the perpetrator was Muslim or white, never mind the two are not mutually exclusive.

No Beltway snipers, no Michael Xavier Johnson, and no Vester Lee Flanagan and so on.

Like Mr. Mosby, they just ignored the shootings by other races in order to paint a false and purposely derisive picture.

 Mr. Mosby seemed to take great offense to “this land is my land.” The preceding line is, “This land is your land.” The refrain is, “This land was made for you and me.” Mr. Mosby taking that one line out of context and presenting it as pejorative is exactly what he is doing with this subject matter. Do not fall for it.

I urge all people of all races, religions and orientations to stop with this tactic. Reject those who would divide us.

Reject their toxic attitudes, their self-spun conspiracy theories and endless misinformation. Racist killers do not generally come to be who they are in a vacuum. They have their own Ray Mosbys who incite them with misinformation.

Do not be a Ray Mosby but, far more importantly, do not listen to Ray Mosbys. If America does have a hate problem, the Mosbys of the country, with a variety of skin tones, shoulder much of the blame.

Chris Wallace is a former Natchez resident and hopes to be so again after he retires. He currently lives in Valrico, Florida.