Column: Rain can be a good thing

Published 10:12 am Saturday, April 10, 2021

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Luke Bryan sang “Rain is a good thing,” and it can be a great thing for sure. Nature’s vegetation comes to green life each spring as rain falls and the sun shines.

However, rain is also not a good thing when it comes to local sports. So many games have been rescheduled, canceled, and made up throughout the baseball and softball season due to rain.

What has been fascinating to me this season is watching the local high school teams take care of their fields to keep them in playing condition. Players level the pitcher’s mound, and players rake the dirt at home plate and the base paths. Natchez High School uses a four-wheeler to rake the infield dirt.

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I’m sure when a baseball or a softball coach looks up into the skies, and the coaches see grey clouds above. They think about the playing condition of their fields. I want to tip my cap to the coaches at our area schools for how they have handled the rain-filled days of March, and I’m sure they will face more this April.

Rain is not a bad thing, because if there was not any rain in the spring. Then the fields would not be as green as they are right now. The woods would not have the green leaves of young oak trees.

While rain may cut fishing trips short this weekend, it will keep the grass, trees, and brush bright and full of life.

The smell of rain is coming, and so is the drip-drop sound of water falling from leaf to leaf in a big ol’ oak tree I like to sit underneath. You can find a calm tree to listen to the rain in the Homochitto National Forest. It is there I discovered another reason why Luke Bryan’s words are right. Rain is indeed a good thing when you can explore firsthand the growth it brings.