Second graders talk about what makes their mothers special

Published 6:00 am Sunday, May 9, 2021

By Hunter Cloud and Sabrina Robertson

The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — Second-grade students at Cathedral, Adams County Christian School and McLaurin Elementary all had a lot of reasons why they love their mothers and celebrate them on Mother’s Day — and a lot more ways in mind for how their mothers show love to them.

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Students in Maggie Smith and Katrina Lloyd’s classes at McLaurin Elementary said they loved their mothers for all of the things they do for them.

“My momma is special because she lets me do whatever I want. … I just love her,” said 8-year-old La’Shaun Chest, the daughter of Terilyn Chest.

Brittany Jackson’s son Tacoma Jenkins and Roquanta Green’s son and daughter, Kaylin Green and Kearson Robertson, all said their mothers give them things to show how much she loves them.

“She bought me a Go-Kart and a four-wheeler and that’s very expensive,” Robertson said.

Aaliya Davis’s daughter Kennedi Davis and Takeysha Clark’s son Christopher Blanton said their moms take care of them to show she loves them.

“She takes care of me and she gives me anything I want,” 8-year-old Davis said.

Lauren Johnson and Je’Caryous Norman said their mothers Jessica Johnson and Rena Norman feed them delicious food and take care of them too.

Johnson said she especially likes her mother’s macaroni and cheese and Norman love’s his mother’s tacos.

“I love her because she feeds me stuff,” Norman said.

Jordan Herrington said she wants to celebrate her mom Jasmine Sproulls on Mother’s Day because she always does things for her.

“She gives me everything I want and I want to give her everything she wants,” Herrington said.

Cathedral Elementary School second graders in Amy Gamberi’s and Deborah Ellis’s classes boasted of how their mothers work hard at their jobs and at home with chores such as cooking, cleaning and gardening.

“She always works hard every day at a restaurant to take care of me and my older brother,” 8-year-old Aubrey Oglesby said of her mother, Tasha Oglesby.

Chloe Foster said her mother Cashy Hammitte also works hard at the Adams County Correctional Facility so that she can save money for her family to go on a big vacation to Florida this summer.

Shannon Jex’s daughter, Maddy Jex, and Lisa McKnight’s daughter, Caroline McKnight, both said their moms cook yummy food at home.

Jex said she loves her mom’s red beans and rice and McKnight said the same of her mom’s chicken parmesan.

Micah Bertelsen, age 7, and Ayden Shaifer, age 8, both said their mothers like to garden.

Bertelsen said he likes it when his mom, Leigh Anne Bertelsen, lets him help with chores like gardening and laundry.

Eight-year-old Shaifer said he loves that his mom, Teri Shaifer, grows cucumbers in her garden.

“Cucumbers are my favorite vegetable,” he said.

Lane Whitman and Sidney Harding both said their moms Sarah Whitman and Sonya Harding, taught them how to ride their bicycles.

“She taught me how to ride my bike and how to play basketball with my (two) brothers. She loves me,” Harding said.

Blake Griffin and Adalyn Kate Jordan said their moms let them pick out toys and things they like. Griffin, age 8, drew a picture of his mom, Shonte Daniels, presenting him with an iPad for a present. Jordan, age 7, said her mom, Kristin Jordan, let her pick out a pen and keychain she liked from A Gallerie and bought them for her to put on her backpack.

“She is nice and sometimes when I want something she lets me get it,” Jordan said.

Mothers show love by playing with their kids.

Adams County Christian School second grader, Rustin Sanders said his mother Alicia Sanders takes time to “Play tech deck,” — tech decks are a mini skate boards that are controlled with two fingers.

Stella Bass and Emory Fuller said their moms Kim Bass and Emily Murray show love when they “jump on the trampoline” with them. Annabelle Loyd said her mom Christina Loyd is special when “She colors with me.”

Mothers show love by caring for their kids. Callen Beard said his mom Heidi Beard is “kind and takes care of me.” Ryder Southerland said her mom Quinn Southerland “does everything for me.” Jagger Elveston said his mom Courtney Elveston cares for him in a different way because she “never lets me do any chores.”

Sophia Loyd said her mom Christina has a heart of comfort. Sophie Wheeler said her mom Valerie Wheeler, “is so sweet, always loves me and lets me sleep in the bed. She cuddles with me.”

Piper Guedon said her mom comforts her but also “rides the horse with me.”