People created shortage of gas, not pipeline

Published 7:00 pm Thursday, May 13, 2021

Social media’s panic-causing capabilities were on full display this week as people made a run on gas across the country, state and county.

Commissioner Andy Gipson said the Colonial pipeline supplies 30% of the gasoline in the state of Mississippi. When the pipeline was hacked causing it to shut down, it would not affect the supply of gas available to Mississippians.

Panic buying on the other hand would affect the supply of gas available to customers. Similar to the toilet paper shortage at the beginning of COVID-19, panic buying of gasoline drains the normal supply of gas available.

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Local gas station owners said there would not have been a problem if people bought their normal supply of gasoline. Fortunately for him, delivery of gasoline the next day kept the pumps going.

If people just bought what they needed there would not have been a shortage of gasoline, toilet paper, or ammunition. When panic buying begins, it can be easy to follow the lead of the mob.

The mentality of “grab it while you can,” is similar to the same runs made on milk and bread during a hurricane. If you panic bought, do not feel bad about it. People are easily caught up in emotion and make purchase decisions they would typically never make.

If you are making fun of those who bought in a panic, pause for a moment. Take a look at your life, because it is likely you panic-bought fishing lures, coffee or eggs at one point.

Maybe society does not have a shortage of common sense, but rather a shortage of consideration. Unfortunately for America, you can not buy courtesy or calm thinking.