Column: I heart pizza

Published 5:50 pm Friday, May 14, 2021

It’s comfort food at its finest. Whether you like it thin, pan, hand-tossed, or deep dish, you can’t go wrong with a slice of a pizza pie.

And Natchez has taken pizza to another level with endless options outside of the chain pizza places you can find on almost every corner of U.S. 61 coming into and going out of town.

Let’s start with Natchez Brewing Company. What started as Pizza Lab and later became part of the brewery’s regular, everyday offerings, stone-fired pizza goes perfectly with just about any of their signature brews. I’ll be honest; I haven’t tried them all. The menu is massive, but I do have a couple of stand out favorites (and I’d love to hear what yours are).

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You cannot, (I repeat) cannot go wrong with their Margherita Pizza. It’s classic, and the chewy crust is a combination that I cannot get enough of. I’m also a fan of the Quattro Formaggi and Jack of the Wood pizzas. Each are veggie friendly and full of flavor. I’m also growing fond of The Crown. Maybe because it makes me think of my favorite Netflix original. Maybe because of the honey drizzled over it. I don’t care; it’s delicious.

I’ll also say this; the small bites they offer as appetizers or a quick bite with an afternoon beer are just as good as the pizza. I love the garlic knots, but those Brussels sprouts can’t be beat either. Like I said, the menu is massive and filled with options like Burrata Caprese salads, calzones of every flavor, and a couple desserts to bring the meal home.

Obviously, I can’t talk about pizza without covering my nacho-slinging favorite — County Pie. Where to begin?

The breadsticks are like a pizza without sauce and can be topped with just about anything you like. (I like to order them with red and green bell pepper on top. Trust me.) The regular, hand tossed crust is delicious and not too thick that it overpowers the toppings.

However, I’m a sucker for the cauliflower crust option they offer. It is thin, crunchy, and has that little bit of char around the edges that adds so much flavor. I keep it simple with pepperoni and bell pepper (and sometimes olives); but try a County Loaded on that crust, and you will die a happy person.

I’m amazed that it took this long with Natchez to find its stride with pizza. It seems to be such a simple thing; but when done right, it’s more than just a slice of pie. It’s a bite of perfection.

Jennie Guide is a community columnist for The Natchez Democrat. You may reach her at