Melanie Hall hands ACCS Woman’s basketball program over to Richy Spears

Published 1:39 pm Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Adams County Christian School women’s basketball coach Melanie Hall stepped down as coach. She will continue to teach elementary physical education next year after praying and soul searching.

Hall has coached for 32 years in Natchez, 14 of those at Trinity Episcopal Day School and 18 of those at Adams County Christian. Richy Spears will take over the reins of the basketball team. Hall is a Natchez native and Trinity graduate. She started coaching as a way to serve the community she grew up in, she said.

“Each team you work with is different,” Hall said. “You continue to learn from each other. I have always said basketball and athletics is a great tool the Lord uses to teach us life lessons. It is more than just an ‘x’ and an ‘o’ or a win or a loss. It is about helping mold these young people into young ladies.”

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Several years ago, she felt it was time to step down but she did not do it. She had prayed a lot and reached the decision after the belief that it was time. Woman’s basketball has changed a lot in her time as a coach, and she expects to see more change like a shot clock in high school basketball.

There have been so many great moments in her time coaching basketball, she could write a book, Hall said. She has been fortunate to work with some great children and people over the years. As a head coach, she event got to coach her daughters Brandy and Sandy Hall.

Additionally, she coached alongside her daughter Brandy Hall for a few years at ACCS. Brandy coached at Centerville Academy before accepting a job at Canton Academy for this next season.

God has been her inspiration in everything she has done, she said. Kathy Hoggatt was the first coach she ever had and was a big influence on her life because she believed in her, Hall said. Now she will support the community from the stands instead of the sidelines as Spears takes over the women’s basketball program.

“I don’t ever close the door. I have always said that if the Lord wants me back on the sideline he will put me there. It has happened before,” Hall said. “For now it was just time to step back and encourage from a different place.”