Louisiana proposes license fee restructure

Published 5:40 pm Saturday, May 22, 2021

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Louisiana’s State Legislature is proposing a restructuring of hunting and fishing license fees in H.B. 691, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The Associated Press said the license changes won backing from the House on Tuesday and will now head to the State Senate.

The proposed changes impact boat registration, fishing and hunting fees and regulations. For example a Hook and Line Crab fishing license costs $2.50 but the change proposes a $5 fee but would now include roadside crabbing with a daily limit of 12 dozen crabs.

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Freshwater fishing license could see an increase from $9.50 to $17 but the increase allows for $95.00 in bonus privileges previously sold separately. The privileges include five recreational wire nets, five recreational pipes/drums, five recreational Cans/Buckets, five resident hoop nets, 35 recreational crawfish traps, five recreational slat traps.

Under the proposal, a basic hunting license and a deer license would be needed instead of a big game license. Currently Big game, basic hunting, bow and primitive costs a total of $50. Under the proposal The deer license would come with bow hunting and primitive firearm privileges not included in the current big game license. A deer hunting license  and a basic hunting license would cost $35 in total under the proposal.

Louisianans pay $35 a year to hunt spring turkeys, but a change would bring the total down to $32 and $7.50 of the license would go to the Louisiana Wild Turkey Fund. In Concordia parish, three gobblers were harvested in 2020 according to the Wild Turkey Program Report.

Waterfowl hunters will pay $32 for their privileges, which is $11.50 more than the current price tag. $10 of the increase would go towards the Louisiana Duck Stamp Fund to increase the funds available for conservation and the rebuilding of breeding grounds for waterfowl.

Louisiana sportsman’s paradise license includes all fishing and hunting privileges, would remain the same price of $100. The