Unity is the key to progress in Natchez

Published 7:28 pm Thursday, May 27, 2021

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What a great meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen we had this week!

Unanimously, a bold step was made toward funding a major renovation of our six city-owned parks, almost $2 million worth, without raising taxes.

It is something that has been needed for many years — for the entirety of Natchez.

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I applaud the unity that we are experiencing in our city. As said many months ago at our Inauguration on the Bluff, “Unity is the key word in two other important words: Community and Opportunity. And without Unity will can have neither Community nor Opportunity.”

This Memorial Day Weekend, we celebrate the many patriots who have given their lives for our freedom. And as we celebrate, let us also celebrate the unity that is growing in Natchez — the peace, harmony, and love, all of which are beginning to draw so many to Natchez.

Take a moment to look around and you will see it — new businesses, new residents and new opportunities for our citizens!

We are living “The Natchez Renewal.” Just as the waters of the mighty Mississippi River renew continuously, so we must continue to renew our minds, our hearts, and our city, as we move forward. And it is important to realize that within the word “renewal” lies another key word “new.”

In this time of renewal, we are beginning to experience the excitement of dreams brought back to life, hope reborn and trust restored. Much work lies ahead, but working together we can, and will, overcome every obstacle.

Our commitment to renew our parks brings “new” hope for our citizens, young and old alike. But this is only one part of The Natchez Renewal.

Our commitment to build more jobs brings “new” opportunity to Natchez. Our commitment to improve healthcare brings “new” confidence to Natchez. Our commitment to improve safety, to renew infrastructure, and to bring about more workforce education, brings with it a “new” sense of community to Natchez.

And our commitment to providing and promoting positive events throughout our city brings “new” joys and exciting opportunities to participate in a community where genuine love abides.

Unity is the key to this progress. Working together in love, rolling up our sleeves as we put our past behind us, will allow us to embrace the promising “new” future that awaits us.

We should remember that it is our diversity that makes us who we are. And as so much of the world is being torn apart by hate, let us continue to be a people who are drawn together in love, so that we can truly be that shining city on the highest hill.

Natchez — our best days lie before us. Let us embrace them together as one. Natchez Deserves More.

Dan Gibson is mayor of Natchez.