Help available for incarcerated and their families

Published 6:24 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2021

To the editor:

Paul and Silas Freedom Project is a nonprofit organization located in Adams County. We serve residents of Adams, Jefferson, Claiborne, Franklin, Amite and Wilkinson counties.

The mission of Paul and Silas Freedom Project is to protect and serve those in the criminal justice system and to reduce recidivism once they are released from prison. We also work with those who are completing alternatives to incarceration. We do this by providing wrap-around care to incarcerated individuals and their family members throughout the entire legal process.

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Arrest services include securing an attorney, bail assistance, if applicable, and advocacy.

Incarceration services include advocacy, assistance with appeal and commutation paperwork, and ensuring the opportunity for consistent communication and visitation with family members.

Incarceration services extend to family members as well. Adult family members are able to enroll in a degree or certification program and are assisted with day-to-day practical concerns. Children in the home are eligible for extracurricular activities, school assistance, counseling, and summer camps.

Post-release assistance includes necessary counseling, participation in degree or certification programs, financial health training, employment, and wealth building.

The community an ex-offender returns to is one of the biggest determinants of whether they will experience success and contribute to the community or if they will return to prison. One of our most important projects is to help neighborhoods form coalitions and offer grassroots training to these neighborhood coalitions so that they can decide on the projects and programs most needed in their community and have the tools to succeed in creating those programs.

A community is as strong as its most vulnerable member. Not only do the services of Paul and Silas Freedom Project assist individuals and their families, it strengthens the community by reducing crime, expanding access to education and mental health care, building the city’s economic base, and revitalizing neglected neighborhoods.

All non-violent offenders, at any stage in the legal process, are eligible to apply. If you know of someone who can benefit from this service, please call us at 601-304-4156.

Community involvement is essential to success. If you would like to be involved in this vital service to your community, please visit or email me at

Jenny Flores

Director of Paul and Silas

Freedom Project