Hats off to good fathers

Published 5:48 pm Friday, June 18, 2021

Being a father is difficult job. It must be. It’s also one of the most important jobs in the world.

Some dads are better at it than others. One thing is for sure: A good father can set the course of his family toward fulfillment and can guide his children toward living meaningful and productive lives.

Statistics from the Child and Family Research Partnership show children who grow up with an involved father or step-father in their life are 39 percent more likely to earn mostly A’s in school. They are 45 percent less likely to repeat a grade.

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Children with involved fathers are 60 percent less likely to be suspended or expelled from school, and are twice as likely to go to college and find stable employment after high school.

Children who grow up with an involved father figure are 75 percent less likely to have a teen birth and 80 percent less likely to spend time in jail.

A father’s role has changed over the years. It’s rare that a father is the sole breadwinner in the family today. Nonetheless, he is an important partner and leader in functional, successful families.

Often a father’s role is a thankless one, but that shouldn’t be the case. Thank you for your caring and your perseverance. Thanks for your sacrifices of your own needs to make sure your children get what they need.

Thank you for the example you show your sons and daughters. How you treat your children’s mother is very likely how they will grow up to treat their partners.

Happy Father’s Day. We hope it’s something special.