Update: Dispute over pocket change lands one in hospital, another in jail

Published 9:24 pm Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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NATCHEZ — A shooting incident at Natchez Walmart Saturday night was apparently the result of a dispute over 22 cents in change, police said.

Officers with the Natchez Police Department, Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Mississippi Highway Patrol all responded to Walmart at about 9 p.m.

One woman was shot multiple times and taken to a hospital in Jackson. Two Natchez Police department officers also sustained injuries during the apprehension of Michael Shawn Coon, 52, of the Kingston Road area of Natchez, who is being charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.

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One officer was treated on scene and the other officer was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury.

Police said Coon is not a suspect in the shooting. Natchez Police Chief Joseph Daughtry said the shooting appears to be in self-defense and would not name the shooter. He said incident remains under investigation. He added the case will go before a grand jury, as is the case in all shootings.

Daughtry said the altercation allegedly took place between Coon and an unnamed man in the self-checkout line over the machine not giving 22 cents in change back. In an effort to defuse the situation, the unnamed man in line behind coon offered to give him the change. However, Coon became irate and started cursing, Daughtry said.

At some point, the unnamed man became the target of Coon’s anger and Coon and a woman who was with him followed the unnamed man to the Walmart parking lot, where it is thought the unnamed was going to retrieve a quarter to give to Coon.

Daughtry said Coon allegedly charged the unnamed man with a knife. At that point, the unnamed man drew a gun he was carrying. Apparently, the woman with Coon pulled a gun and pointed it toward the unnamed man and chambered a round in the gun, Daughtry said. At that point, the unnamed man fired his weapon, striking the woman.

“On a holiday weekend, for individuals to get that irate over change,” Daughtry said, “We have families, seniors getting last-minute items for a holiday. We have to come up with better solutions for situations.”