Column: The man maketh the boots

Published 11:42 am Saturday, July 10, 2021

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A wise man once said “It’s the man that maketh the boots, not the boots that maketh the man.”

That man is right. After all, boots come in all shapes and sizes. Some have rounded toes and others have pointed toes to kill cockroaches with. It’s the way you use the boots that give them character.

I have cowboy boots that I wear in my everyday life. They mold to both my feet and my jeans, which I think is cool.

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Those cowboy boots were made for walking and I have put a lot of miles on them. They were not made to walk across US 84. Thanks to Rock and Roll Taxi Service, I didn’t have to play frogger after the Hank Williams Jr. shuttle stopped Sunday night.

The same boots were perfect for a dusty horse arena for a story I did on a young girl who placed in fourth in the Pinto World Championships. Boots carry me all over the place in pursuit of stories. Personally, I think boots have probably been the best investment I ever made.

I own pair of flashy tan boots, which have a pointed toe and work for church, formal functions and during the ice storm. They acted as an ice pick. My papaw wore them when he was a truck driver and every time I look at their flame stitch work, I think of Hank Williams Jr. and the Ruger logo. 

Recently, I purchased a pair of Lacrosse hunting boots. They are an olive green and rubber. After a hunting or fishing trip, my feet have been so dry wearing those boots. I’m not sure how I made it without them before. A waterproof boot is perfect for exploring the St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge. I tested them in the swamp section of the Refuge. 

In a lot of ways, boots can be like tires. They equip you to go places and give you traction. I find them useful in walking around Natchez or in the woods in Adams County.

When I first bought a pair of boots in college, I had no idea where they would take me. Then slowly they formed to my feet, and go where I go. My dad is a wise man, the man certainly maketh the boots.