Summer Youth Workshop teaches healthy habits

Published 6:00 am Sunday, July 11, 2021

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The Adams County Extension Office on Carthage Point Road was a place for growing both plants and young minds last week.

Kids ages three to 63 received hands-on instruction about staying healthy and growing their own food during a Summer Youth Workshop offered by Mississippi State University Extension and Alcorn State University Extension Service.

Alcorn Extension Agent Jardana Brice told workshop participants how to stay active this summer.

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“Do you know how to tell if you are getting exercise?” Brice said to the group, before telling them to run in place while she counted.

She then asked them to place their hand over their heart and feel it racing.

“That is when you know you are getting exercise,” she said. “You can do it playing basketball, swimming or playing hopscotch.”

Brice also showed the class what a properly fixed plate of food should look like, with servings of lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and dairy.

Mississippi State University Extension Service Agent Jason Jones also taught kids about different fruits and vegetables and Alcorn agent Kelvin King gave a brief lesson on how to pot and grow their own herbs and vegetables at home.

The workshop was not limited to kids. Adults asked questions about the best fertilizers to use and the best ways to keep bugs from ruining their gardens.

The class then moved outside so the students could get a hands-on demonstration of how to pot tomato and basil plants to take home.

“I like tomatoes,” three-year-old Alexia Wesley said as she grabbed a fist of potting soil and packed it around her plant.