Welcome to American Legion members

Published 6:12 pm Friday, July 16, 2021

Driving down Canal Street you may have noticed a giant bus and veterans walking around the Natchez Convention Center. They are here with the American Legion Department of Mississippi for its statewide convention.

There is no better place for hosting such a convention than here in Natchez. Hospitality to others is what this city is known for and no one deserves it more than our veterans.

The Mississippi American Legion’s state convention ends Sunday.

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They gave so much of their selves to serve this country, and those who are members of the American Legion, continue to serve once their time in the military is over.

Veterans should be distinguished guests in this city, in this state and in this nation. We owe so much of the freedom and comfort we enjoy to the work they have done.

Service to this country takes time, some serve for three years and others spend their entire career in the service. Let us take time to make these veterans feel at home.

In the Pig Out Inn Friday, two gentlemen took the time to sit and talk with a visiting veteran. The vet grinned as he thanked them for sharing a meal and conversation.

It would be impossible to repay our state’s veterans for all they have done to keep our homes, families and freedoms safe. What is possible is simple acts of kindness.

Greet them with a warm smile, thank them for their service, and take time to talk and listen.

God bless you, veterans. We are so happy to have you in Natchez.