Column: Cheers to new beginnings for Natchez High Volleyball

Published 10:14 am Saturday, July 17, 2021

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Athletic Director Alphaka Moore was right when she said offering volleyball would give girls in Natchez an opportunity to earn a college scholarship.

My sister is currently making her way through college on a volleyball scholarship.

For the first time in school history there will be sets, kills, passes, digs and aces on the basketball court at Morgantown Middle School, where Volleyball matches will be held. Volleyball is a fast paced game and it is growing in Mississippi.

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The sky is the limit in regards to volleyball and the growth of women’s athletics. In Arkansas, there are travel volleyball teams, much like the travel baseball or softball teams found in Mississippi.

Volleyball is a lot like soccer in its essence. It is a game where only a ball is required to play. When you get a bunch of friends together, it becomes a passionate sport.

My sister spent many Saturday mornings hitting her volleyball onto the roof above my room, which shows you don’t even need other people to play the game. Volleyball gave her a purpose, and it is her passion. While I’m sure my dad would have preferred her play basketball, he was so supportive of her volleyball dreams.

We have an opportunity in Natchez to support a new generation of athletes pursuing their dreams of becoming athletes at the next level. Volleyball offers so many opportunities to a community.

It is one thing to have volleyball in school, but if the area can grow the sport into something big like softball, basketball or soccer, there is a chance to have a club team and possibly host tournaments.

Cheers to Natchez High for taking the leap into a new world. Cheers to the girls who would have another opportunity to earn a college scholarship, and cheers to coach McCullen for being willing to lead a new sport, team and program.