Do your part to help kids get back to school as safely, smoothly

Published 6:32 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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When we were growing up, it could take us about two weeks or more to get back into the school routine when summer vacation finally ended — especially after two months of sleeping in and feeling laid back without a strict schedule and deadlines to keep up with.

Imagine getting back into those routines after 2020. Natchez Adams School District officials announced this year they are going back to school “full force.” That means no more hybrid classes — a welcome change for many working parents in the community who struggled to make childcare arrangements. But for our students, imagine trying to play catch up after a year of learning lag.

Kudos to the parents who were able to make sure that their kids stayed on task and accommodated their summer with trips to the library or educational summer camps.

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We all know that not all parents and kids have that luxury. Many single moms and dads work full time to feed hungry mouths at home. Some parents or guardians are home-bound or don’t have cars to take their kids to camps or to the library. And many are experiencing poverty.

These are issues that plague society on a normal year that have been intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been glad to see that where there is a need, our community answers the call.

The Minorville Jubilee on Saturday did just that. Where traditionally the annual celebration includes hot dogs and water activities, this year was supplemented with free school supplies, hand sanitizer and masks being given to a community in need.

Now that a new school year has begun, it’s our turn to do our part to make the transition go as safely and smoothly as possible. That means making sure children are registered, have the materials to get busy and making sure they are equipped with masks.

If your children are old enough to be vaccinated, talk to your doctor. Ask whatever questions you need to feel assured about whether or not getting the vaccine is safe. If we feel comfortable getting kids immunized against tetanus, measles and chickenpox, we should be able to reach the point where COVID is no longer a concern.

Do your part to help this school year get off to a great start.