Benefit saved thanks to generosity of others

Published 7:39 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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To the Editor:

Each year in March, the University of Louisiana Lafayette (my alma mater) Alumni Association has a Gala and Auction as their largest fundraiser for the year. 

My college friend Betty Lowry and family were to be honored at this Gala in March of 2020. So during the first week of February, I decided I would donate a three-day trip for two to Natchez.

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I started contacting people to get the package together. I asked my neighbor, Floyd Gardner to help me. He suggested that I contact Mrs. Philip (Stella) Carby for a stay at her home, Greenlea. She so graciously allowed me to contract for a three-day stay. I went to the Grand Hotel and scheduled a two-day ticket for the Hop On Hop Off Tour. Then I went to Pilgrimage Tours at the Visitor’s Center and Mr. Cockerham was so kind to comp two tour tickets to 3 houses, Longwood, Magnolia Hall and Stanton Hall.

While at the center, I purchased a carriage ride.  The package also included cash for meals, a bottle of Old South wine, and an autographed book on Natchez.

Then COVID entered the scene.  The Gala was canceled, but the auction was held virtually via the internet.

The auction items were sent out to the entire university alumni database.

It was sent to alumni all over the world.

I had an attractive display backdrop printed for the trip to Natchez.

The proceeds from this auction reaped the highest benefits ever.

Problems were created because the package items were dated for a nine-month period.

So when the purchaser of the package could not take advantage of it during COVID isolation, I had to contact each of these organizations, vendors and homeowner to request they please honor the dates of Aug. 24, 25 and 26, 2021, which Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle had chosen to come to Natchez.

All were so helpful. Carol Jones, Marsha Colson, Walter Tipton, and Karla Brown came on the scene to help me complete the up-dating.

I want to take this means to thank them for helping me make this Natchez experience possible.

Corinne Randazzo, University  of Louisiana  Lafayette alumna and Natchez resident