Breakfast, please

Published 10:00 am Sunday, September 5, 2021

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By Jennie Guido

I believe I’ve mentioned a time or two just how much I love breakfast. It’s not just good for your first meal of the day. Breakfast for supper is a mainstay in the Guido house, and I do tend to order from a breakfast menu (not brunch) for lunch sometimes.

I love a good scrambled egg or butter biscuit. Pancakes are a way of life for me. Let’s face it. Sweet or savory, I’m a breakfast eater.

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In my opinion, there are two places in town that can’t be missed for a full-fledged, hot and delicious breakfast menu with plenty of options.

First, we’re going to have a chat about The Little Easy; and then we’re going to cover all things wonderful at Natchez Coffee Company.

Being one of the newest games in town, The Little Easy jumped in both feet first with a strong menu featuring fresh (and usually local) ingredients and even better mantra. “Boozy Brunch: Sun Up to Sun Down.” Does it get any better than that?

And boozy is something they know well. Their cocktails are handcrafted and every bit of delicious from the first to last sip. They have such fun takes on classic cocktails, too. For instance, the Pink Mary is perfect for those of us who have a slight aversion to having spaghetti sauce mixed with their vodka. Dad’s Special Lemonade is a simple yet strong glass of sweet and sour that makes me think of Mommy’s special juice (also known as a glass of wine). Don’t even get me started on the Peach Bellini.

Now, when it comes to Natchez Coffee Company, you can have breakfast all day, too.

However, you will have to fuel up on caffeine instead of boozy cocktails; and if you’re anything like me, coffee is the only way I survive once I open my eyes each morning. So keep the coffee hot!

On the menu, you can find just about any combination of eggs, grits, bacon, and toast you can imagine.

On the weekends, you have a buffet that fits all of your taste buds. It’s what’s in the pastry display that really makes your sweet tooth sing, though.

Have you ever had Ms. Sharon’s cinnamon rolls? They are large, in charge, and dripping with icing. What about her homemade cakes that her mother bakes fresh each week?

And those cowboy cookies are good any time of day!

But what are my favorites? Besides the dinner-plate-sized pancakes, of course. I am a sucker for her Loaded Biscuits with crispy bacon, American cheese, and fluffy scrambled eggs. The biscuit is so moist and buttery it basically falls apart just sitting on the plate. I’m better off with a knife and fork! This biscuit is a go-to when I visit for breakfast; and, let’s face it, it is for lunch, too.

OK. Who’s hungry?

Jennie Guido is a community columnist for The Natchez Democrat. You may reach her at