Ferriday returns to the court

Published 9:37 pm Monday, November 15, 2021

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FERRIDAY — West Monroe visited Ferriday Monday night in the Trojan’s first basketball game of the season. Additionally, the game marked a return to the hardwood after COVID canceled the season in 2020.

Fans in black and gold packed the stands as they watched the Trojans take on the Rebels, a 5A school. West Monroe won the girls game 64-28 and the boys game 58-40.

Girls Head Coach and Athletic Director Lisa Abron said the team missed the camaraderie and chemistry in their first game back. She said it felt weird to return to the game after missing a season.

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“When I got here today, I was nervous and jittery,” Abron said. “It was like I was starting all over from day one. I have been coaching for 29 years. It felt like the first year to me today.”

West Monroe dominated the girl’s game and had a 34-10 lead at halftime. There were a few moments where Ferriday put together an offensive run paired with good defensive pressure.

She said it was a good test for the team. Player connection is what they lacked the most after missing a season of basketball. Senior guard Aaliyah Gray said the team is happy to be back. She scored 12 points in the game.

“It was exciting and fun to play with my teammates again. We have a lot of work to do from last year,” Gray said. “We put in extra work last year not to play. It was sad. I’m looking forward to playing with my teammates and getting better every day.”

Ferriday boys’ team came out strong with a hot stretch of threes late in the first half to take a 20-18 lead at the half. Teamwork and passing to find the open man helped Head Coach Shawn Davis’s team get to a good start.

However, the Rebels managed to outscore Ferriday 40 to 20 in the second half to run away with the win.

“We started going more one versus five and got a little selfish. It put us behind the power curve,” Davis said. “It was just inexperience, and our youth showed tonight.”

Guard Pamerion Swanson finished the game with 10 points and likey a sore body. He would dive across the court after any loose ball, and he took a beating in the paint on several drives to the hoop.

“He is always high energy,” Davis said. “This is his first game, but he is always high-strung like that.”