I love the 30s

Published 4:40 pm Sunday, November 21, 2021

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By Jennie Guido

On Saturday, I turn 34. I’ll be honest. Venturing into my thirties has not bothered me. I don’t mind the aging process because I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Not physically or mentally, mind you. When someone asks my age, I have to actively think about what the actual number is. Time really has flown by.

Ten years ago, I was still living in Cleveland and finishing my masters. We decided for my birthday to venture to Oxford and celebrate with a Tiger win in the Grove. Yes, I was in purple and gold in a sea of Rebels fans, but I still managed to have a fantastic 24th birthday.

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Growing up, Aimee and I usually shared a birthday party somewhere around the 12th or 15th of the month. With her birthday on the 5th and most of the same families came to both parties, why not just celebrate once? Mom turned our house into an “under the sea” escape and made a Little Mermaid cake one year. This may or may not have been the same year we dressed as mermaids for Halloween.

Finally, when I got a little older, we hosted a tea party at my Nannie’s house with all of the finest china and crystal. All of the girls were invited to come in their mom’s best clothes ­— a little dress up tea party. I found some of my Mom’s old prom dresses, and she curled my hair. We all wore lipstick and some had press-on nails. This was also in the days of “Strawberry Wine,” so you can only imagine about a dozen nine-year-olds singing along to every word while it played on repeat. This probably should have worried my Mom and Nannie.

Lately, we’ve celebrated my birthday pretty much the same way each year. I ask for something for the kitchen or my house as a gift. One year, it was a picnic table. Another year, a washer and dryer. You get it. Needs change as you get older. We usually go out to eat as a family one night and celebrate with a delicious yellow cake with chocolate icing (and sprinkles) afterwards at home for dessert.

This year is no different. We’ve planned dinner at Magnolia Grill for Friday night, a wine tasting at Spirits of Natchez on Saturday, and (of course) County Pie for nachos on Saturday night. Do you think they can put a candle on top of a plate of nachos?

Jennie Guido writes a weekly column for The Democrat.