Man found dead in parked car under a blanket on Old Washington Road

Published 7:20 am Friday, January 21, 2022

NATCHEZ — A 66-year-old man was found dead sitting behind the driver’s seat of his parked car on Old Washington Road on Thursday night.

Adams County Coroner James Lee said the cause of his death is unknown, however it appears as if he may have died of natural causes. Temperatures outside were below freezing and the car’s engine was not running. He had a small blanket draped across his upper body, Lee said.

He added the body was examined at the scene and at the county morgue for any wounds or signs of trauma and none were found.

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Lee did not release the man’s name while waiting for the family to be notified.

“The Natchez police department was on scene but had no information as to the circumstances surrounding the man’s death,” he said. “… I’m hoping that we hear from family members soon so that we can get a more definitive medical history on the man before seeking an autopsy. However, it appears that he died of natural causes. It was very cold today and no one should have not been where they couldn’t keep warm.”

This story will be updated with more information as it becomes available.