Best burgers in town

Published 8:00 am Sunday, January 30, 2022

By Jennie Guido

I’d like to think I know a good burger. Since my family owned the Bellemont Shake Shop for over a decade, we’ve had our fair share of burgers. Not that I had one daily, but it was pretty close. My usual order was a cheeseburger with mustard, mayo, and lettuce. When I was feeling fancy, I’d add grilled onions. When fresh tomatoes were in season, I’d add a slice (or two) of tomato. Never was ketchup an addition. That’s sacrilegious.

For a long time, I would easily rank our burger as the best in town. Hands down. Watching them being made during a lunch rush was almost obscene. Those juicy hand-pressed patties sizzling on the grill top with cheese dripping down the edges made my mouth water. Mmm, mmm. Good. Now, there are some really good contenders that have to be mentioned (and taste tested).

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Red Top Seafood

The Red Top Burger is one of the closest to the Big Belle we created at the Shake Shop. The patty is 8 ounces of beef on a-top a brioche bun, which is a nice, sweet twist. Topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo, mustard, and red onions, the char-grilled taste sets this burger apart from the rest.

I will say there are some messy burgers in town; this is not one of those. Yes, it’s juicy. However, you can enjoy the burger and not feel like you’ve got grease running towards your elbows or mustard all over your face.

The best part about Red Top is they are quick and have a drive thru option with online ordering. Pick up dinner tonight!

Natchez Midtown Grill

If you haven’t tried Midtown Grill’s cheeseburger, you’re missing out. The menu at this downtown stop has quite the array of burger options. From single patty burgers to ones with bacon and the Big Ntz burgers in just about any way you can imagine, your cravings will be satisfied.

What I like about their single patty cheeseburger is that I can get this for lunch on a weekday and not need to take a nap afterwards. It’s the perfect size for a quick lunch and full of flavor. The patty is hand pressed (you can just tell), and the bun is slightly toasted, which is a big plus in my book.

I’ll be returning soon for another.

Magnolia Grill

Let’s talk about the Samburger at Magnolia Grill. It’s been a family favorite for years, and it’s hard to pass up when we go to Magnolia for lunch or dinner. The Samburger is eight ounces of beef that has been chargrilled to perfection and can be served on a Kaiser roll or sourdough bun. I’ve had it on both, and it’s good either way (once I cut it in half).

For the traditionalists, stick to the Samburger topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, mayo, and mustard with a slice of cheddar cheese. However, for the adventurous taste buds, try the Mushroom Cheese Samburger that makes you feel like you’re taking a bite out of

Are you hungry yet?