Courthouse Records: February 2, 2022

Published 8:31 am Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Adams County

Jan. 21-27

Civil suits:

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Estate of Mary K. Pippen.

Estate of Wallace Burnell Pyron.


Juanita Kroese v. Owen D. Kroese.

Marriage license applications:


Deed transactions:

Jan. 20-26

Aaron W. Brown and Carla Bruce to Robert P. Cauthen, lot 1A containing 5.32 acres more or less of the subdivision of lot 5 of the division of Magnolia Plantation.

Albert Jones and Juanita Jones to Kevin Collins, a 3.81 Acre Portion of lot 8 Forest Home.

Carla A. Webb to Carla A. Webb and Anna R. Elliott, lot 2 Highland Park Subdivision, Second Development.

Gloria Brewer Frazier to Kashell Washington, lot 13 East Meadow Development.

Edgar McClain, Larry McClain and Charolette McClain Payne to Troy Monroe, lot 11 of a division of part of Peachland Plantation.

Daniel Howard Tarver to Gary W. White, lot G, Portion of lot 2 of the Division of Tract A Smithland Plantation.

Parks Properties, LLC to Fred Wells Middleton Jr. and Lacey Middleton, lot 90, an 11.65 acre portion of Elgin Plantation.

Tyrus Bacon and Senait Bacon to Arreona Maginta Anderson, Ginetta Felton Anderson, Jordyn X. Anderson, and Matthew Anderson, lots 4 and 5 Cloverdale Subdivision.

Cortez Moore to Melinda Williams, lot 4 in Block No. 2 of the Concord Lots.

Davie Minor and Mamie Lee Minor to Velma J. Minor, Thelma J. Minor, and Betty J. Alexis, lot 42 Northview Subdivision, Second Development.

Bradford O. Yarbrough to Jeffri L. Kirkwood and Jan Kirkwood, lot 7, being a 0.75 acre portion of Forest Plantation.

Barry Alan Loy and Sue L. Loy to Daniel Thomas Guedon and Elizabeth Fortenbery Guedon, lot 4, a 1.15 Acre Portion of Waverly Plantation.

Ashburn Woods, LLC to David A. Timm, Lamont Rowe and Margaret B. Rowe, lot 20 Ashburn Woods Subdivision.


Jan. 20-26

David A. Gatson and Nicole Gatson to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot LV-1 of Lake View Addition to Beau Pré Country Club Subdivision.

Kashell Washington to Angel Oak Home Loans, LLC, lot 13 East Meadow Development.

Troy Monroe to Caliber Home Loans, Inc., lot 11 of a division of part of Peachland Plantation.

Melissa Smith Serio to Rocket Mortgage, LLC, lot F Westover Heights Subdivision, Fourth Development.

Andrew January and Margaret January to Rocket Mortgage, LLC, a part of Tract No. 2 of a Division of Wilderness Plantation.

Janice Saunders to Rocket Mortgage, LLC, lot 9 Eastbrook Subdivision.

Charles D. Walters Jr. to United Mississippi Bank, Vidalia Branch, lot 18 of Bloc No. E Roselawn Homes Subdivision.

Fred Wells Middleton Jr. and Lacey Middleton to United Mississippi Bank, Vidalia Branch, lot 90, an 11.65 acre portion of Elgin Plantation.

Gary Paul Domangue II to United Mississippi Bank, lots 137 and 138 Woodland Park Addition.

LFJ Properties, LLC to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, a 6.13 acre portion of Somerset Plantation.

Georgia Carroll to Rocket Mortgage, LLC, lot 28 Country Club Heights Subdivision, Second Development.

Red Door, LLC to Delta Bank, Natchez Branch, lots 20 and 21 Monmouth Subdivision.

Patricia Ann Green to American Mortgage Bank, lot 1 Wesley Subdivision.


Adams County Justice Court

Thursday, Jan. 27

Civil cases:

Mendelson Law Firm v. Evan Green.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Tiffany Brescher.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Craig Hunt.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Latoyia Smith.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Dambrell Thomas.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Brenda Shaw.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Denisecya King.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Calvin McKnight.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Carl Frye.


Concordia Parish

Jan. 21-27

Civil suits:

Midland Funding, LLC v. Alberta Johnson.

Succession of James Vernon Crocker.

Succession of Max Carrol Knapp.

Succession of Peggy Joyce Knapp.

In Re: Danielle Beard Taylor.

In Re: Doris B. Young.

In Re: Tyson Beard Young.

Laura L. Yakey v. Damon Jae Miller.

Discover Bank v. Lindsey M. Poole.

Lakeitha Banks v. Derick Jefferson.

Concordia Bank & Trust Company v. Floyd Martin Thornton.

Archie Curry v. Aquiela Mitchell.

Archie Curry v. Progressive Security Insurance Company.


Quincy Lane v. Virginia Williams Lane.

Marriage license applications:


Deed transactions:

Barbara A. Purchas to Deon Morgan, lot 93, Block No. 6 Windemere Plantation.

Lloyd Lamar Ellis and Sarah A. Ellis to Jessie Marvin Lafferty Jr., lot 44, part of lots 3 and 4 Sycamore Plantation.

Samuel Robert Jones and Donna Kaiser Jones to Ashley Dyer, lot 23 Murray Addition “A”.

Joy Smith Burr and Jewel R. Burr III to Walter Melancon, lots 56 and 58, Block No. 31 Helena Plantation.


Joel Patrick Greer II to Delta Bank, lot 140 Gillespie Heights, Third Development.

Kevin Arthur Perez and Nicole Daigrepont Perez to Pennymac Loan Services, LLC, lot 83 Smith Addition.