Biden policy on American oil production makes no sense

Published 9:53 am Sunday, March 20, 2022

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It seems ironic that the Biden Administration is begging foreign governments to produce more oil for our country, while refusing to open up new areas for American companies to produce more oil.
At the same time, Americans are paying painfully high prices for gasoline, and the ceiling on those prices is nowhere in sight.
The administration claims oil producers here are sitting on more than 9,000 permits that would allow them to drill for oil. American oil producers will tell you the likelihood of producing oil from the areas in which those permits are located is not promising or worth the investment.
We are mindful of the effects of oil production and use on our environment and climate, but urging other nations to produce more oil for Americans to purchase while stymying production for American producers here at home makes no sense. We are not at a place yet in our move toward more environmentally friendly fuel sources to walk away from fossil fuels. That’s a fact.
President Biden did not create and is not responsible for our current high gas prices. While prices have been heading upward along with every other product and service effected by inflationary pressures on our economy, the Biden Administration has done nothing to solve the real problem here at home. The administration should be working to assist the American petroleum industry, particularly independent oil producers, by easing regulations and opening up more federal land for oil and gas production.
Instead, Biden is looking to lift embargoes on dictatorial nations like Venezuela and urging the Saudis and United Arab Emirates to boost productions.
Here’s an idea, while we are still dependent on fossil fuels — and we certainly are — let’s quickly move barriers to allow American companies to produce enough oil to meet our needs here at home.

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