Continuing to shop along downtown

Published 7:30 am Sunday, March 20, 2022

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By Jennie Guido

We have made it to the busiest block of Main Street – the 400 block. This particular stop along Main Street is almost completely filled with retail spaces. So instead of taking you through both sides of the street in one Sunday’s column, I thought I’d break it into two Sundays of shopping this month. Plus, with Easter baskets to fill, what better block downtown to land on?

A Gallerie, 400 Main Street

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Since opening in the fall of 2013, A Gallerie has grown to become one of the main shopping fixtures in Downtown Natchez. What started as a store focused on home furnishings and accents, A Gallerie is now filled with everything from cozy PJs to comfy couches and cocktail attire to cocktail glasses.

While working in the advertising world, A Gallerie was always my favorite client to work with. Number one, I always had an inside look into what was coming in from the market and onto the shelves. Number two, it gave me an excuse to drop in and see Amber and Ashley almost weekly. Let’s be honest though, I never needed an excuse, but work was a really good one. A Gallerie kept me trendy and fashionable throughout that career.

Maybe it’s the monochromatic aesthetic or the endless pretty things I want to take home; but any visit to A Gallerie ends in a purchase, and I’m OK with that.


Darby’s, 410 Main Street

Who doesn’t know Darby? Is it the fudge? Maybe. Is it the four storefronts on one block on Main Street? Yes. Is it sweet Mary Frances greeting you? Probably.

For over 30 years, Darby’s has been a staple for Natchez shopping. Friends from out of town crave her fudge and need it shipped for holidays and just because regularly. When you’re in need of a new piece of furniture for your house, she’s one of the first stops you should make. And for the holidays, you don’t even have to ask. Every surface of Darby’s is bedecked and beautiful come Christmas time.

Darby and Dennis Short’s primary storefront is a one-stop-shop for visitors to town and a place that locals love to frequent. Plus, getting a sample of chocolate pecan fudge when I walk in the door is pretty nice, too.

Mississippi House of Fashion, 414 Main Street

New to Downtown Natchez, Mississippi House of Fashion is the place for all of your fashion needs. From clothing to accessories, owner Jessica Hawkins has transformed the building once known as Burns Shoe Store for decades.

Her style is bright, bold, and ready to be worn to your next event or night on the town. Mississippi House of Fashion also adds personal styling as a service to help dress you from head to toe.

Since opening in January of 2022, the Mississippi House of Fashion has made a great addition to an already bustling block of Main Street. If you haven’t visited her yet, take a peek. I’m sure Jessica can help with your Easter outfit.