Thanks to you, a tragic story has a happy ending

Published 4:00 pm Sunday, May 1, 2022

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Our hearts were saddened at the loss of “Mama Dog” who roamed Natchez streets.

Her life was needlessly difficult, living by handouts from those who saw her and pitied her and the puppies she carried. She seemingly suffered abuse from a previous owner and wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to take her to safety.

Soon after she gave birth, she was tragically hit by a car that never stopped.

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Unfortunately, this story is all too common here. Countless animals are dumped, abused or neglected and often find themselves at the mercy of kind-hearted souls they meet on the street. What makes Mama Dog’s story so special is the community’s response.

Knowing that somewhere in the vicinity of where Mama Dog was killed was a litter of orphaned pups, too young to fend for themselves, people immediately came to help search for them.

Even before that, many of the same people fed Mama Dog from a distance and tried to get her help to avoid the tragedy that happened.

Thanks to their efforts, this story has a happy ending.

A litter of eight vocal and squirming puppies, only days old with eyes still closed, were found in a wooded area near Subway on John R. Junkin Drive.

Many deserve praise for jumping at the chance to rescue these pups.

A lot of this praise goes to Linda Kennon, an experienced animal rescuer from Natchez who led the effort to rescue Mama Dog. She has opted to take all eight puppies, bottle feed and wean them. Kennon also spent days trying to feed Mama Dog and attempted to lure her away from the road.

Karen Ewing, a deputy of Adams County Sheriff’s Office, also deserves praise. Anyone who knows Ewing knows of her deep-seated compassion for animals and her dedication to solving cases of animal abuse or neglect. It comes as no surprise that she would be one of the ones to help find and rescue the pups.

Also among those involved in this rescue effort were Nancy Garrison, Jennifer Ann Rasberry, Peggy Ballard, Al Strickland, Sara Delaney and Jessi Credle, Ewing said.

To these and to others who stopped to help, or who always stop when they see a lost pet on the street without looking the other way, we thank you.

Donations to help pay for the cremation of Mama Dog can be made at Southside Veterinary Clinic, 601-653-4706.