Call your mama and tell her ‘Happy Mothers Day’

Published 8:08 am Sunday, May 8, 2022

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Graduation is around the corner and moms everywhere will be watching their kids cross into a new chapter of life. Moms are special for so many reasons. 

They were with you everyday for your first nine months and then they care and nurture you until you reach 18 years of age and you can spread your wings and fly. Moms give so much of themselves to make sure their kids are taken care of.

I was blessed to have my mom take me step-by-step through life teaching, coaching and loving. 

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Occasionally, my mom had to officiate between my friends and I or my siblings. Perspective is perhaps one of the most long lasting lessons I have learned from her, as well as learning how to handle life when “life isn’t fair,” because it is not always fair. 

Fortunately for me, she required me to cook a meal once a month and it would pay off when I got my first apartment in college. I will never claim to be a culinary expert, but as long as I have rice and meat I won’t starve to death. 

There were times where I frustrated my mom. I haven’t always had the best relationship with her I will admit. Afterall I can be stubborn, independent and at times closed off from the world outside of sports and the woods. I don’t do it on purpose, but it doesn’t help things when you are living eight hours away from home. 

To the kids walking across that stage soon and heading off to college, work or wherever life takes you, make sure you call your mom more than just twice a year. Although it is important to call your mom on her birthday and mothers day if you can’t be with her. 

It took me a couple years in college to learn to call my mom regularly. She needs the phone call more than you will ever know. I can’t explain it and I certainly don’t understand it but moms still feel like no matter how old you are you are still their baby. 

She is my biggest supporter and has always had my back. When I went off to Mississippi State I’m sure it was hard for her to have me so far away. At the same time, she always sent me care packages. She still does. 

At the end of May I will be walking into a new chapter in my life like many of the high school seniors are. There will be at least two women crying happy tears on my wedding day, my mom and bride.

On that day my mom won’t be the only woman in my life who I love unconditionally but she will always be the first.

Another reminder if you haven’t already, call your mama today.