Nothing like the good old days

Published 6:06 pm Saturday, May 14, 2022

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Ah, to be young again and experience the good old days of high school. Maybe not so much the bumping shoulders walking through hallways, slamming lockers or cramming for that exam that counts for half of your final grade. However, as every senior probably recognizes right about now, there are a lot of things you miss when you leave those dusty textbooks behind, the most important being friendships.

A lot of the faces these seniors have familiarized themselves with from kindergarten up will become a distant memory. Rest assured, the true friends will never leave permanently. They’ve become like members of one family. Speaking of family, let’s take a moment to recognize the real heroes of the graduating classes this summer—their parents.

Moms and dads are not as willing to let go of their children for college as those seniors are willing to say goodbye to their best friends. As kids get ready to take that giant leap to young adulthood, let’s not forget to remind them where they came from.

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Seniors, get ready to come home once in a while to say hello to mom and dad or grandma and grandpa, even if it is just to do your laundry. For those who are going into the military—first of all—thank you for your service, but be sure to hug your momma extra tightly before you go off and be a hero.

For those who are starting jobs right out of high school, be sure to invest in your 401K as soon as you start working. Seriously, don’t wait and regret it later.

For all of you, don’t be so eager to rush into the rest of your adult lives. It’s OK to take things slow and relish in the time you have left to be young.

The two, four, six or more years you might spend in college or trade schools are just as precious and slip by just as quickly as the 12 years you are leaving behind.