‘I CAN MAKE SNOW CONES’ Nursing center enjoys barbeque, snow cone outing

Published 7:00 am Sunday, May 15, 2022

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NATCHEZ — Glenburney Rehabilitation and Nursing Center residents beat the heat Friday with snow cones and sated their hunger with a barbeque in a circus-themed outing.

Residents lined up for snow cones and munched on ribs, chicken and hot dogs made by Glenburney’s own head chef, Cedric Green. Some also had their face painted by a local volunteer, Earl Jackson.

Eric Brown, who visited the nursing center from Deaconess Hospice in Brookhaven, said he has done a lot in his career from working as a church pastor to a criminal investigator. Now working for the hospice agency, Brown became Glenburney’s unofficial “snow cone man,” as residents called him during Friday’s festivities.

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“Stick around a while and I’ll show you what I can do,” said one resident, James Jackson, while holding two rib bones between his right-hand index, middle and ring finger.

As music played, Jackson flexed his wrist rapidly, making the two bones clap together with the beat like a makeshift percussion instrument.

“Do you think snow man can do that?” he asked, gesturing to Brown making the snow cones.

When asked, Brown smiled, shook his head and said, “I can’t play the bones, but I can make snow cones.”

Above are images from Friday’s festivities.