Four who overcome addiction inspiration for us all

Published 6:33 am Thursday, June 16, 2022

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Amidst bad economic news and a divided country, sometimes inspiration is hard to come by.

Four young adults who graduated last week from Family Drug Court here should inspire us all.

Adams County Court Judge Walt Brown said the four — Candice Baxter, Holly Tillery, Brandon Donahue and Heather Collins — progressed through the yearlong program at the same time and formed familial bonds along the way.

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Addiction is an insidious, evil thing. Kicking an addiction isn’t as simple as summoning up efficient willpower. Addictive drugs cause chemical changes in one’s brain, experts say, and breaking that biological craving takes a multifaceted approach.

Family Drug Court offers help to those who want it and are willing to put in the hard work to complete the program, which includes a year’s worth of sobriety confirmed by drug tests and 30 days of aftercare. Participants also must show they can support themselves and their families, get a job and earn their diploma or GED if they don’t have one.

Despite heartbreaking obstacles, the four graduates persisted and are new people today on their way to promising futures with their families.

Whatever obstacle in your life you seek to overcome, these four people show that no matter how long the road or difficult the path, commitment and desire can lead all to success.

Kudos to Candice Baxter, Holly Tillery, Brandon Donahue and Heather Collins. Your community is cheering you on and wishes you only the best life has to offer.