Reflections on fathers and sons

Published 11:00 am Sunday, June 19, 2022

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By Jennie Guido

Being close to our parents is something that neither my sister nor I take for granted. We’ve both been back in Natchez for over 10 years and have created relationships with our mom and dad that make them more like friends.

For me, my dad is that guy I can joke with, poke fun at, and call when I need some help. He always has advice to give and a shoulder to cry on. I’m pretty lucky that Paul Guido is around for the big decisions (like buying my house or changing careers) and the small ones (like what washing machine is best or who to add to my Masters fantasy team).

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For Cole Mosby, his relationship with his dad, Sim Mosby, is about to transform into coworkers at the end of the month. In the coming weeks, Cole will be moving back to Natchez and taking a position at Silas Simmons, following in quite the family legacy.

“Currently, my father is the managing partner for Silas Simmons where his father, my grandfather, Bill Rush Mosby Jr. was, as well,” Cole said. “My dad and his dad had a great relationship both in and outside of the workplace. They were able to collaborate and utilize their father/son relationship for over 30 years to provide assistance to many throughout the community and the surrounding areas.

“I was lucky enough to witness my father and grandfather working together, and I want to have that same relationship with my father as they did. I am looking forward to learning the trade in a real-world experience. I have interned at Silas Simmons previously before and have gained insight as to what the job expects and demands. I believe that my father will be the best coach, mentor, and boss as I begin this journey.”

I will add that I’m excited for Cole to return to Natchez as my newest neighbor on Auburn Avenue. It’s been fun to watch the Mosby family transform the house next door into the perfect place for him to call home.

“Moving home has always been a goal of mine. I am excited to be returning home especially considering Natchez is moving in a positive direction. My family has always supported me through the good, bad, and ugly. Obviously, the relationship will be different considering I am now an employed adult rather than a student, but it will be nice having my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to be by my side as I begin my career. This gives me confidence knowing that I have people very close to me to rely upon,” Cole shared.

“My dad and I have a very special relationship because we share a lot more in common rather than just work. We both enjoy spending time together at Lake St. John, the hunting camp, and the University of Mississippi cheering on the Rebels.”

Welcome home, Cole! I know your dad is proud to welcome you to the business.