It’s snow cone season once again

Published 11:00 am Sunday, July 3, 2022

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By Jennie Guido

I think my love for snow cones started with the Icee. I craved them as a child and was pretty exclusive with the Coca-Cola flavor. My sister was a big fan of the strawberry one, and I was always a little sad that I didn’t pick that flavor. But I’m a Coke girl, so I rest my case.

When Summer Sno opened on John R. Junkin, we were regulars. They had flavors for every local high school, every college, and every taste bud craving under the sun. I was simple in my choice and would always order Clear Strawberry. It was fruity, light, and didn’t stain my mouth to leave me looking like a cannibal.

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While living in Cleveland, there was a similar stand that opened each summer, but it was in a weird part of town. I always forgot about it and would end up at Sonic. However, during my days of advertising sales, I was lucky to find two delicious snow cone stands in my territories of the Miss Lou: one being in Magnolia and the other in St. Francisville. And both featured Clear Strawberry.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had a couple of stands come and go in our area. When it gets hot like it’s been these past few weeks, I tend to want a snow cone at least once a day. Give me sugar water over ice, and I’m a happy girl. Luckily, we’ve got options available when seeking out a snow cone this summer. So, cool off with the flavor of your choice at one of these places before we all melt.


Geaux Joe, 2008 Carter Street, Vidalia, Louisiana

These guys came to the rescue this summer. Since their opening in the late spring, they have been a go-to for drive-thru drinks in the Miss Lou. They specialize in coffee (hence the name) but also serve “sparklers” or flavored club sodas. After too many people pulled up asking for a snow cone, they bit the bullet and bought a snow cone machine.

They may not have clear options (yet), but what they do have is a monster 24-ounce item that lasted me well into the afternoon. I also like to pop them in the freezer for a treat later on. Of course, I ordered the strawberry, but there are a couple that I’m sure to get before the summer is out, like margarita. This one does have a different texture, but I really enjoyed the crunch of the ice crystals.

They’ve also got some fun snacks on the menu if you need a little something to go with your “sneaux ball.”


MLK Snowballs and Snack Shop, 1187 North Martin Luther King, Dr. Street, Natchez, Mississippi

This is an after-school favorite for Cathedral kids since it’s right up the road for school. I ventured out one afternoon early in the summer before they opened and studied the menu, and I was happy to see clear options.

Of course, I was tempted to go for the clear strawberry when I went back for a taste test. But I ventured out and settled on pink lemonade. This is the snow cone you grew up with. The ice is soft; and when it mixes with that sugary syrup, it turns into a little bit of summertime heaven.

Their menu is filled with tasty treats outside of snow cones, so don’t worry. You’ll be able to get that sweet and savory tooth taken care of in one visit.


Granny’s Snack Shop, 4524 Highway 84, Vidalia, Louisiana

Located in Wynn Parc on the Ferriday-Vidalia highway, Granny’s Snack Shop has just opened for business this week.

Their menu is filled with so much more than just snow cones. They’ve got fountain drinks and candy bars, boudin and sunflower seeds, nachos and a Frito pie. However, I’m here for the snow cones, so let’s talk about flavors.

There are the series regulars: lime, tiger’s blood, bubble gum, and any berry you can imagine. There are a few clear options, which will make moms happy. I’m thinking that my next taste test will be Georgia Peach or Watermelon. They also have some signature flavors that can’t be missed if you’re adventurous: Stars & Stripes being one perfect for this weekend.

Be sure to take cash with you since it’s early in their opening!