Why is the life of a fetus worth more than the lives of those already born?

Published 3:32 pm Friday, July 15, 2022

To the editor:

How appalling and hypocritical for a group to pretend to care about the life of the unborn fetus while caring more about a 2nd amendment than the lives that have been born.

Life before during and after birth is precious to our creator. The very life you protest to protect becomes a living soul that should also be protected. Protected over any amendment. Second amendment rights to own a firearm should not override the right to life after birth. That’s evil and selfish. You people with or without the second will find a way to own possess have or use firearms of any kind for protection or carnage. The lives of those who survive to be born into this world are equally important and precious as those in the womb.

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Hypocrisy knows no boundary. Every political party politician and religious leader should have values that respect and protect human life equally before during and after birth. Life over any man-made amendment or law.

It seems blind eyes, deaf ears and selfish hearts are more acceptable than the life given us from above. Lately, I hear U.S. Rep. Michael Guest is one firmly opening his mouth for the right to life. Is it as long as it does not interfere with his 2nd amendment right? Political parties’ politicians seem to need a reality check. “We the people” do not appear to know a con, a lie or right from wrong when politicians are involved.

Life at conception and after, for as long as we breathe, is life.

Harriet Davis is a resident of Natchez