Down at the Farmer’s Market

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, July 17, 2022

By Jennie Guido

The Downtown Farmer’s Market is steadily growing each season. What was once a place to just find vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and canned goods has become a Mecca for the talented in our area.

A new face in town and at the market is Taylor Stamp and her freshly baked breads at The Lady and The Pig. “The concept of The Lady and The Pig began when living in Mexico with my boyfriend where I was always on the quest for the best torta (sandwich),” Stamp shared.  “We were spoiled with authentic slow-cooked meat piled on fresh bread daily. It was such a treat.”

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With her ideas in tow, Stamp became a Natchezian and quickly began to share her treats with the locals. “I recently moved to Natchez with the hopes of bringing some of the authenticity I have learned throughout my travels the last six years in Mexico and Vietnam. Once a market gardener myself, I’ve always taken pride in providing homes and restaurants with local produce and provisions. I like to bring attention to the importance of fresh food and its origin. Food has an incredible ability to bring families and communities together. It’s a pleasure to be a part of the shared experience.”

Stamp’s story of creating the name for her baking venture comes straight from her experience in Mexico. “There’s a phrase that’s commonly heard while dining in Mexico and after feeling quite satisfied (also known as a food coma),” Stamp said. “The locals will say I have arrived at ‘el mal del puerco.’  It directly translates to bad pig, but it refers to that joyous feeling you have after a delicious meal. That’s when I thought of the name – The Lady and The Pig.  Fresh bread certainly elevates any sandwich or marries perfectly with a home-cooked meal. Artisan bread, which is celebrated across the world, can be enjoyed in so many ways.”

With a name for her business and a concept formed, Stamp started producing breads of all styles and tastes. “With a culinary and farming background, artisan bread was naturally the next step,” Stamp added. “I continued to practice the techniques of the trade and found a new love, baking.

“You can find our fresh baked breads and homemade treats at the farmers market on Saturdays.  Some favorites have been our rosemary & French baguettes, ciabatta bread, New York-style bagels, and our loaded almond pecan granola.  We are always trying new things and you can expect exciting things in the future from Lady and The Pig.  We are also supplying limited quantities of fresh baked bread to Natchez Olive Market Thursday through Saturday.  At this time, we are happy to coordinate special orders.”

Want to follow along on the Lady’s bread journey? She can be found on Instagram or at the Saturday market.