School district considers policy: No medical cannabis on campuses

Published 5:33 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2022

NATCHEZ — While Mississippi lawmakers have approved the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act enabling adults and children to get prescriptions for legal medical cannabis, it may not be allowed on Natchez Adams School District campuses.

School officials are reviewing a policy introduced during their Tuesday board meeting that states the school district “is not required to permit, accommodate or allow the use or possession of medical cannabis on any district properties,” said deputy Superintendent Zandra McDonald-Green.

This means both the use or possession of medical cannabis—by students or employees—will not be permitted on school district property. This policy will be published on the school district’s website for public review before the school board considers its approval.

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Board member Phillip West asked if it was legal for the school district to prohibit doctor-prescribed cannabis under the new state law.

The school board’s attorney Bruce Kuehnle Jr. said it was.

“I’ve read the Act and it’s clear that what we’re doing—not accommodating employees or students—is permissible,” he said. “It’s very clear-cut. We are within our right to enact this policy. I think (the Act) recognizes the near impossibility of accommodating medical cannabis while dealing with the illegal possession or use of recreational marijuana. … All we’re saying is you can have your prescription but you cannot consume that drug on school campuses.”