Community Cruising: Downtown Natchez bicycling goes from solo to social

Published 9:00 am Sunday, July 24, 2022

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NATCHEZ — A new business has turned bicycling in Downtown Natchez into a social affair with a unique vehicle powered by the feet of up to 14 passengers.

Travis Isaac and his wife Keviana purchased the first “Natchez Pedal Cruzer,” a fancy new attraction with 10 seats with bike pedals, two seats without bike pedals, a comfortable rear bench for an additional two people, a long table with cupholders and built-in speakers to set the mood as their customers cruise through town.

“There is nothing else like it in Natchez,” Isaac said.

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His business partner, Chaston Smoot, just finished wrapping the bicycle with their business logos and polishing it up last Friday for their first ride with a group from Magnolia Vibes magazine.

Isaac and Smoot are 2008 and 2009 graduates of Natchez High School and both Natchezians, Smoot said. Smoot will be acting as “the host” for the ride and intends to impart his knowledge of Natchez’s history and recommend the best restaurants, bars and events to tourist groups onboard the Pedal Cruzer, he said.

Isaac said has spent time traveling and saw a bicycle of similar make during his travels.

Seeing his hometown grow with several small businesses added in recent years, Isaac said he thought, “Natchez would be a great place for something new and innovative.”

He had the Pedal Cruzer custom built overseas and shipped to Natchez. The process took three to four months, Smoot said.

While powered mostly by the riders, it does have a battery-powered motor to help out with Natchez’s steep hills, Smoot said.

“Party bikes,” have grown in popularity across the U.S., often for drinking parties in large cities. However, Isaac said the Natchez Pedal Cruzer is for both adults and family child-friendly occasions. Drinks are not provided, but if riders do want to bring their drinks on board they can do so and will be limited to the city’s Go Cup District where open containers are permitted.

Tours are 2 hours long and start at $300 per ride for a party of six to 14 people, Sunday through Thursday. Friday rides are $350 and Saturday rides are $375.

To book a ride, or for additional information, visit