Judicial system unfair to victims and their families

Published 2:13 pm Tuesday, August 9, 2022

To the editor:

I, as a parent, taxpayer, voter and a citizen of Natchez, have never in my life seen such a tremendous bond reduction as happened recently with the bond reduction of Damien Hayes and DiQuan Seals.

I was told after Damien Hayes and DiQuan Seals’ indictments, that Judge Lilly Blackmon Sanders reduced their bonds from $500,000 for Hayes and $250,000 for Seals to $50,000.

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Sanders apparently reduced the bonds without holding a hearing or even notifying the district attorney’s office.

I am disappointed because that is a very low bond for someone charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The charges both face are in relation to the murder of my son, Don Owens, on Dec. 17, 2018.

There seems to be no punishment for people who go out and commit these gruesome crimes. These young men are repeated offenders. They have neither remorse nor concern for life of the people in our community. We don’t know if Damien Hayes and DiQuan Seals are wearing ankle monitors or if they have someone who knows where they are at all times.

With this type of crime, myself along with my family need to know this information. I have not been resting at all knowing that they are out in the community. My family nor I should have to look over our shoulders or be afraid to go about our daily lives. We are fearful for our lives right now. I just don’t understand our judiciary system.

Most of all, will justice be served fairly for my family, who have endured so much pain and hurt from Damien Hayes and DiQuan Seals.

Rebecca Owens is a resident of Natchez