Courthouse Records: Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022

Published 1:47 pm Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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Adams County

Aug. 12-18

Civil suits:

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Estate of Lanry Williams.

DHS — Dannie Payton.

DHS — Devin Green.

DHS — Felix Jackson.

DHS — Dexter Wright Sr.

Conservatorship of Karen Margaret Wilkinson.

DHS et al. — LaJohn J. Bell.

DHS et al. — Rhytedrick Colenburg.

DHS et al. — Briana A. Jackson.


Kimberly Jeshaun Chatmon v. Marcus Jamal Chatmon.

Randall L. Freeman and Cheryl W. Freeman. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Marriage license applications:

Anthony Christopher Gagnard, 41, Natchez to Michael Slade Hill, 30, Natchez.

Jason Bradley Hoben, 36, Vicksburg to Morgan Danielle Groover, 38, Natchez.

Timothy Allen Duncan, 63, Natchez to Ashley Thee Watts, 40, Natchez.

Devonta Cortez Culbert, 28, Natchez to Jocklanny Nicole Tolbert, 29, Natchez.

Deed transactions:

Aug. 11-17

Charles Floyd Mahaffey and Elizabeth Mahaffey to Eva Gay Owen, land beginning at a point on the southerly right-of-way boundary of Liberty Road.

Eat Land, LLC to Tabitha M. Wroten, lot 13 Bingaman Acres, Second Development.

Anthony Edwards Adkins to David Paradise and Betty G. Paradise, lot 6 of Square “A” of the Jefferson College Lots.

Andre’ V. Young and Ira S. Young to Andre’ V. Young and Ira S. Young, lot 2 Beau Pré Country Club Subdivision, First Development.

Doris Hargrave to Tracy Smith, lot 16 of the Hewitt Lots.

Lionel Washington to Roy Sessions and Patricia Sessions, lot 13 Highland Grove Estates West Subdivision.


Aug. 11-17

Grady B. Wilson Jr. to Black Jack Holdings, LLC, lots 4 and 5 Passman Subdivision.

Erica Fells to Delta Bank, Natchez Branch, lot E of First Addition, Cottage Home Subdivision.

Lisette Lee Prieto to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, Vidalia Branch, land from the southeast corner of Mount Hope Plantation on the westerly line of Cliffs Plantation.

Tracy Smith to Doris Hargrave, lot 16 of the Hewitt Lots.

Jefferson G. Mansell to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, Downtown Natchez Branch, land beginning at an iron pin on the easterly side of South Rankin Street.

Michael S. Wagner and Stephanie Butler-Wagner to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, Vidalia Branch, lot 151 Nottaway Trail Development, a portion of Beau Pré Country Club Subdivision.


Adams County Justice Court

Thursday, Aug. 18

Civil cases:

Stanley Netterville Sr. v. Torrence Allen.

Mendelson Law Firm v. Carolyn Blanton.

LVNV Funding, LLC v. Melody Brown.

Lexus Scott v. Chelsea Perry & Robert Perry.

Calvin Harris v. Robert Earl Davis.

United Credit Corporation v. Nadia Laruth Letcher.

Tower Loan of Natchez v. Melvin Cooks.

Tower Loan of Natchez v. Michelle Harried.

Tower Loan of Natchez v. Theresa Irving.

Lillie Hauer v. Elizabeth M. Green.

Dore Singleton v. Clara Hardy.

Calvin McKnight v. Brandon Colenburg.

Cassandra Dixon v. Draylon McDonald.

United Credit Corporation v. Darnell L. Puckett.

Andre Seyfarth v. Patricia Hardin.

Robert Dixon v. Cedric Tenner.


Concordia Parish

Aug. 12-18

Civil suits:

Mika Lynn McMillin v. Helen Regina McMillin. (Petition)

Mika Lynn McMillin v. Wilson McMillin. (Petition)

Succession of Michael Cater.

Midland Credit Management, Inc. v. Latoya A. Hawkins.

Alethea Fisher v. Suzanna Paige Welch.

Alethea Fisher v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance.

Amy Raven McCarthy v. Stacey Swilley Burnham.

Amy Raven McCarthy v. Averee Lynette Burnham.

Amy Raven McCarthy v. John Warren Burnham.

Republic Finance, LLC v. Barbara Washington.



Marriage license applications:

Marcus Chantry Hildebrand, 20, Martindale, Texas to Katlynn Elizabeth Wickliffe, 22, Natchez.

Deed transactions:

Al J. Davis Sr. and Kemmeka Althea Stuckey Davis to Al J. Davis Sr., lot 14 Hole in the Wall Plantation.

Robert E. Myers and Gregory Brian Myers to Kameron Cupit and Marla Seyfarth, lot 82 Taconey Subdivision.

JGB Timber, LLC to NBK Properties, LLC, lot 8 Minorca Plantation.

Tabitha M. Wroten to Sharron Fair, lot 35 Audubon Acres Subdivision.

Delsie Ray Smith and Donna Foster to Jakbo Bolyer, lot 22 Byrnes Subdivision.

Roy Smith to Donna Foster, lot 22 Byrnes Subdivision.

Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC to James Elliot Jones, lot 13 Weecama Plantation.

Ryan Mason to Robert Heath Schitoskey and Ashten Thompson Schitoskey, 1.95 acres of lot 14 Honeydew Plantation.

Rosalie Tyler Gray to Randy Matthew Morace, a portion of lot 5 and all of lot 2-B Helena Plantation.

Robin Kay Polk Halhoro to Stacy Huff, lot 92 Belle Grove Subdivision, Second Development.


Kameron Cupit and Marla Seyfarth to GMFS, LLC, lot 82 Taconey Subdivision.

NBK Properties, LLC to United Mississippi Bank, lot 8 Minorca Plantation.

Sharron Fair to Click N Close, Inc., lot 35 Audubon Acres Subdivision.

Jakob Bolyer to Delta Bank, lot 22 Byrnes Subdivision.

James Elliot Jones to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 13 Weecama Plantation.

Robert Heath Schitoskey and Ashten Thompson Schitoskey to Fidelity Bank, 1.95 acres of lot 14 Honeydew Plantation.