Miss-Lou Football Scores: Oct. 1, 2022

Published 12:50 pm Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Miss-Lou Football Scores

Oct. 1, 2022 

8 & Under

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Delta Oil Tools Bulldogs 32-12 Granny’s Snack Shop Sharks

Bulldogs scoring — Josiah Campbell five, 20 and 30 yard rushing touchdowns. Keien Thompson six and 20 yard rushing touchdowns. Sharks scoring — Yates King on a 32 yard run and Cruz Ladner on a 12 yard pass from Hendrix Brashier. 

Concordia Bank Gators 27-6 El Ranchero Cowboys

Gators scoring — Carson Butts on a six yard run, Case Fudickar on a 35 and 40 yard run, Michael Johnson on a three yard rush. Cowboys scoring — Zaylen Washington 34 yard rush. 

Bishop Paxton Crigler Moberly Tigers 25-20 Tensas State Bank Saints

Tigers scoring — Durham Crigler 20, 37 and 40 yard run and Axxl Olds on an eight yard rush. Saints scoring — L.J. Leonard on 35 and 45 yard rushes and Christian White on a 12 yard rush. 


10 & Under

Crafts Tree Service Sharks 22-13 Silas Simmons Tigers

Sharks scoring — Jay Carter on 42 and 47 yard rushes, Sully Thompson on a 70 yard run and Caden Craft had a two point conversion rush. Tigers scoring — Michael Hart 22 and 70 yard rushing touchdowns. 

Gibbons 7 Gibbons Lawdogs 30-0 Delta Bank Jaguars

Lawdogs scoring — Brayden Phelps 22 yard fumble return for touchdown, Bryson Gibbons 50 yard rush, Kayden Freeman 36 yard run and Bentley Carruth on a 21 yard run. 

13 & Under

Geaux Time Nutrition Sharks 25-0 Johnny’s Pizza Jaguars

Sharks scoring — Tylen Bailey 70 yard rush, Cole Butler on a nine and 10 yard rush and Tate Fife on a 49 yard rush. 

State Farm Jordan Farmer Big Dawgs 22-0 Johnny’s Pizza Jaguars

Big Dawgs scoring — Ken Moore eight and 70 yard rushing touchdowns, Noah Myers on a six yard rush, Roger Nettles on a two point conversion rush and Jalen Cage had a two point conversion rush.