‘This is not my seat. It’s your seat’: Congresswoman Letlow presents at Concordia Parish Chamber luncheon

Published 2:48 pm Monday, October 10, 2022

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VIDALIA, La. — Congresswoman Julia Letlow spoke about what she said are key issues at the Concordia Parish Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday at the Vidalia Conference and Convention Center.

She talked about inflation, education and agriculture and what she as a congresswoman from Louisiana’s 5th District serving on the appropriations committee and agriculture subcommittee of the U.S. Congress can do to help.

“While I don’t have a say in how much you pay Washington in tax dollars, I do have a say in how tax dollars are used and you have me fighting to bring them home,” she said.

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Letlow, a native of Monroe, has served as the U.S. representative for Louisiana’s 5th congressional district since 2021 and is the first Republican woman to represent Louisiana in the House. Her late husband, Luke Letlow, was elected to the seat in the 2020 elections but died Dec. 2020 due to complications with COVID-19 before taking office. Julia Letlow decided to run for the vacant seat in the March 2021 special election and received over 64% of the vote.

Letlow explained the significance of having Louisiana representative from the 5th District serving the region of the state—24 parishes including Concordia—at the federal level.

“I understand that agriculture is the backbone of our district,” she said. “The good Lord put me on the agriculture subcommittee so that I can continue fighting for our farmers, ranchers and loggers.”

Letlow said education is another issue she is passionate about and making sure teachers are fairly compensated and respected for their hard work.

“I want that profession to receive the respect it deserves,” Letlow said.

Letlow concluded with, “This is not my seat. It’s your seat,” she said, adding, “I want to hear from you.”

She encouraged all of the businesses represented at the Concordia Parish Chamber of Commerce Luncheon to feel free to reach out to her office with the issues that concern them.

“If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can,” she said.

When she opened the floor to questions, she instead received praise from the luncheon attendees. A representative from Vidalia Mills expressed their condolences for her husband and told her they appreciated her.

“And I just want to say that Vidalia Mills is the perfect example of the American Dream,” Letlow said.