Where was the concern over Nellie’s before it was sold?

Published 2:35 pm Monday, November 14, 2022

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To the editor:

This is my last response to The Natchez Democrat about the Sept. 14 preservation meeting.

Nobody never asked why was I there. This will come out later.

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I never asked for a dime from the board. I asked for help with the neighborhood (Rankin Street).

This is my property, not the City of Natchez. It overwhelmed me for so many people to be concerned about Nellie’s now. This city along with all of the fake preservation boards did nothing to save Nellie’s since 1990.

The Historical Foundation and preservation boards let the movie people change everything about what Nellie’s really looked like. My final purchase was Nov. 19, 2021. Please tell me where was all of your so call preservation, it speaks for itself.

My name is J.T., not J.C. (Jesus Christ). This guy Andy Sartin chairperson of the preservation board and also the Vice-President of the Historic Natchez Foundation made a motion to add 416 North Rankin to a demolition list. He didn’t know I was there and the owner. This was all planned by this group. The good Lord put me there. The whole thing about Nellie’s was illegal.

The Preservation Ordinance Powers doesn’t give him or his members a right to call me to the mic after I refused to be put on trial about my property. The questions, the lies, and jokes were out of order. Dan Gibson says he stands behind this board. It’s more to this. Carter Burns was there, he said nothing, but he knew better. Mr. Burns came by when I invited him to check the porch & columns of Nellie’s. This guy has been very helpful, but I’m afraid this old group of people will change him.

Who do these people think they are? You don’t own Natchez, this is America. I know most of this group and I’ve been in their homes. This is my property and my business. If you come after me, please come the right way.

Work has been done. Don’t tell me to jump start nothing to help your Bed & Breakfast. Now for Mayor Dan Gibson, I liked and respected him, but I was advised not to trust him. I see why now. My question to him is can you win another election with 9 votes.

Citizens of Natchez, Vidalia, and surrounding towns are afraid of this preservation board. Now is the time to speak up. The term that they are all volunteers, this board really controls your permits, lights, water, and gas with no money coming out of their pockets. Natchez is a beautiful place, but a coin has two sides. Look at both sides before you pass judgment. If I’m the only person in Natchez that feels this way, please disregard anything I have said.

J.T. Robinson, Natchez