City releases list of streets that may be resurfaced in historic road project

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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NATCHEZ — The city’s public works director, Justin Dollar, recently presented a list of 75 streets to the mayor and board of aldermen that are in line for resurfacing next year in a project using $6 million in bond funds.

It’s perhaps the largest city roadwork project ever, but Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson warned it is unlikely all 75 will be repaired.

“Even though $6 million is a large and historic amount, depending on the condition of the roads, it is doubtful we will get to all 75 of the roads,” Gibson said.

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In a special meeting several weeks ago, Dollar presented the public works department’s list of city roads needing repaired, numbered in order of most need. Aldermen took that list and adjusted it according to what they think are the roads in their ward with the most need. Dollar compiled the two into one list.

He said the amount of work needed on each street, along with striping and curb and gutter work, would likely mean the $6 million would not make it through the entire list.

Gibson said residents might wonder why some of the city’s major streets are not included on the list.

“That’s because major streets qualify for state aid funds allocated for Natchez,” he said. State aid money will be used to pay for any needed repairs on those roads.

“We are doing this without any increase in taxes, thanks to a provision by the state legislature to allow taxes paid on Internet sales to pass through to local municipalities. That additional income is what is allowing us to do this road project,” Gibson said. “Further, it will free up other funds in the public works budget because these streets are being attended to by the bond funds.”

Here is a list of roads that are in line for possible repairs using the city’s recent bond funds.

Cemetery Road B

Brenham Avenue from Minor Street to Concord

Liberty Road from Melrose Avenue to Shields Lane

Sunset Boulevard

Margaret Avenue

East Oak Avenue

Melrose-Montebello Parkway from East of Seargent Prentiss to Dead End

Oak Street

Espero Drive

Mansfield Drive

Alta Road

Pecan Way, south of Highland

Old Brown’s Lane

North Rankin Street

Rembert Street

Duncan Park Road

Bishop Street

Rickman Street

South Concord Avenue

Gary Circle

Old Devereux Street

Camp Street

Beech Street

Cottage Farm Road

Auburn Avenue

Quitman Street

Bluff Street

Mascagni Avenue

McGregor Way

East Stiers Lane

Martins Lane

Caddo Street

Village Place

Walnut Street

Lindberg Avenue from Aldren Court to Margaret Avenue

Wright Court

Byrd Court

Arnold Court

Earhart Drive

Hicktober Street

East Franklin Street

Fatherland Road from 61 South to Melrose Montebello Parkway

Fatherland Road from Melrose Montebello Parkway to 61 North

Arlington Avenue

Irving Lane

Marin Avenue

Creekbend Road

Ivy Lane

Auburn Avenue from Winchester Road to Duncan Avenue

Jefferson Davis Boulevard

North Raintree

Inez Street

South Raintree

Janice Circle

Arrowhead Drive

Smith’s Lane

Bingman Lane

St. Charles Avenue

October Street

Vaughn Drive

Birdwood Drive

Monette Street

Vidal Street

Aldrich Street

Dale Court

Bowles Alley

Pogo Street

Stahlman Street

Merrio Street

Shadyside Street

Dumas Drive

Alice Lane

Sgt. Henry L. Brown Drive (Northview Drive)

Ray Street

George F. West Boulevard