Parish introduces VitalClick to E-911 operation

Published 11:00 am Saturday, November 19, 2022

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VIDALIA, La. – A new program introduced to Concordia Parish Communications District makes the 911 caller the first one to respond in a medical emergency when every second counts.

Concordia Parish Communications recently introduced VitalClick into its 911 dispatch operation, which provides dispatchers with quick access to emergency medical protocols for providing potentially life-saving pre-arrival instructions such as “Telephone CPR”—now a required service in Louisiana.

“As part of the VitalClick implementation, Concordia’s 911 dispatchers also received their NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) EMD Certifications which truly advances the readiness and professionalism of our Operations,” said 911 Director Mary Allen. “VitalClick is not only a turnkey solution for our basic compliance with Telephone CPR but it is also an enhancement to the dynamic services we are required to provide to callers, often under extremely stressful life-or-death situations. Funding for the procurement of VitalClick, dispatcher training and the NHTSA EMD Certifications, was provided by the Concordia Parish Communications District.”

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Concordia Parish Sherriff’s Office and Communications District congratulated their dispatchers for attaining NHTSA EMD Certifications, including Allen, William Barnes, Michele Cupstid, Michele Olds, Frankeeda Spurs and Mollie Whitehead.

“While the majority of our calls requesting medical assistance are transferred immediately to Concordia Parish Ambulance Service, there are other times when a caller is dealing with a time/life critical event such as choking or cardiac arrest where seconds can make a difference between life and death. Our dispatchers now have the training and scripted protocols at their fingertips to effectively walk a distraught caller through the required steps necessary for successful Telephone CPR, as mandated by Louisiana Law,” Allen said.

As Telephone CPR is now law in Louisiana, many 911 conferences have been stressing legal liability exposure for directors, dispatchers, and the agency itself for damages that may occur as a direct result of negligent actions, practices or conduct.

“VitalClick and our NHTSA EMD Certifications now give us layers of protection,” said Barnes, dispatch supervisor and warden. “First and foremost, our residents are protected by our enhanced level of care and second Concordia Parish and our personnel individually are protected from legal liability exposure due to noncompliance with Telephone CPR law and/or negligent practices.”

Sheriff David Hedrick said VitalClick greatly enhances the level of service the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office and EMS personnel can provide to parish residents.

“I am proud that our sheriff’s office and communications district continuously strive to improve the level of service we provide day in and day out. Leveraging technology and training to improve operations is something I support,” Hedrick said.