Thirty-five and thankful

Published 11:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2022

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By Jennie Guido

Well, I turn the big three-five this weekend. These years really are starting to fly by. Anyone else noticing that?

As I look back on the past year, there is much to be thankful for. I’m thankful to have celebrated ten years since my return to Natchez from college, ten years of owning my home, and ten years of being a dog mom.

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It’s hard to believe that ten years can go by that fast; but once adulthood starts, time seems to race. Just this week I noticed just how white my Beagle, Jackie, is getting with age. Didn’t we just bring home that baby and teach her how to bugle?

I’m thankful for a family that through COVID and all is still kicking and spending each day together. I think it’s safe to say us Guidos are a close-knit family. We usually share at least one meal together a day (if not two). Mom and Aimee are some of my favorite travel partners and shopping pals.

I don’t know how people can live in towns away from their families. I would simply be lost without knowing Aimee is two blocks away and the parents just five minutes in the other direction.

I’m also thankful for a new job that I love and allows me to see and support Mississippi. It’s been an interesting year for me with a change in career and some fun work travel around the state.

I’ve visited the Delta several times, which makes me happy that I get to see some of my favorite people and make visits to McCarty Pottery for a little retail therapy. I’ve walked through the birthplace of Elvis Presley and enjoyed seeing all that Tupelo has to offer. Jackson and I are becoming friendly, and I don’t mind heading up Highway 61 to visit more than I’m used to.

So what are my plans for the big birthday? I plan to decorate my house head to toe for Christmas. My real tree is waiting to be flocked as we speak. Every other tree will be lit. Every hall decked. The pumpkins will be put away and the pine scented candles brought out.

I love nothing more after a day of decorating than sitting back in my living room with all of the trees on, The Family Stone playing on the TV, and maybe a little champagne in my cup (and a piece of birthday cake before bed).